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Jet Ski Tours & Hire Perth provide exciting jet ski tours and hire around Rockingham and surroundings of Garden Island . Enjoy riding your very own Yamaha VX jet ski with the latest technology

Rockingham is a perfect location to spend the day on a jet ski only 40 min from Perth. The beach is attractively presented with shops, cafes, BBQ’s, picnic, playground area and many other facilities.

The area is one of great natural beauty and the spectacular Shoalwater Islands Marine Park is situated just off the coast: a haven for dolphins, sea lions, the Little Penguin (the smallest of all the penguin species) and many varieties of native birds and aquatic life.

This rich natural heritage makes the area a magnet for divers, snorkelers and boating enthusiasts, as well as those who simply love to relax on the beach.

An on-water adventure with Jet Ski Tours & Hire Perth is highly recommended and is quickly becoming a ‘must-do’ attraction in Rockingham.

Are you excited about your Jet Ski Tour but haven’t ridden before?  Here’s all the information you need about Jet Ski Tours Perth riding techniques.

 We also offer Jetpack and Flyboard flights on the same location check out other website for details www.jetpackperth.com.au

Jet Ski Tours Perth enjoy meeting dolphin on the Rockingham waters

Eco Jet Ski Tour

Description: 1 Hour Tour including dolphin watching

$220 twin share – 2 riders, 1 jet ski tour

$180 solo ride – 1 rider, 1 jet ski tour

Jet Ski Tours Perth

Blast Jet Ski Tour

Description: 1.5 Hour Tour including freestyle riding

$270 twin share – 2 riders, 1 jet ski tour

$240 solo ride – 1 rider, 1 jet ski tour

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