Also known as personal water crafts (PWCs), jet skis are a great way to get closer to nature while providing adrenaline-pumping thrills. Imagine getting so close to dolphins and sea lions you can almost touch them! On our jet skis, you won’t have to imagine it because they get THAT CLOSE!

We do the sort of jet ski ride you would do if you had your own ski but even better you are taking along a mate who can teach you to ride, who knows the area, knows where the sand bars and hazards are and can show you around with peace of mind. It’s more than an adrenalin blast, it’s more than an eco adventure – it’s why people who want to have fun, not a tour guide come with us.

We will look out for dolphins, Penguins, and other aquatic life! while cruising along the coast line. Our tours are different as you get so much closer to the action and marine life, not just a from a boat in the distance.

Jet Ski Tours Do


  • listen carefully and adhere to all instructions given by your Operator.
  • be aware of all traffic in your boating area; don’t focus just on the short distance ahead.
  • remember that operating a PWC has the same responsibilities as operating any other vessel.
  • look behind the craft before making sharp turns.
  • stay at least 200 Meters from the shore line unless entering or exiting the rental start point.
  • keep at least 30 Meters safe distance from all other craft or 45 meters from:
  • a person in the water
  • a moored vessel
  • a jetty


  • operate craft under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • enter restricted areas market with buoys.
  • enter and exit your rental start point at more than 8Knots (14 Kmh).
  • ride close to reefs or breaking waves.
  • operate a Jetski / Waverunner if you are under the age of 16 Years.
  • ride too closely behind another PWC, If it turns sharply or if it stalls you could collide with it; if the other rider falls off you could run over him or her