Season closed until 1 September.

Jet Ski Hire

If a jet ski tour is not up your alley, you can always hire a jet ski from the beach! Take it for as little as 15 min. Go for a quick blast, and share with friends or family. If you have ever wanted to jump on board a Jet Ski – this is the ideal place to try it!

Please note that we do not hire jet skis to take away to a different location even if you have a skipper’s ticket.

We provide jet ski hire from Rockingham area. You do not need to have a skipper ticket/license but you are limited to a defined area within our sight.

The jet ski can be shared between a maximum of 3 people but only two can ride at the same time.

  • Must be over 8 years old as a passenger.
  • 16 to 17 years old can drive but must be accompanied by an adult.
  • 18 years and above can drive solo.
  • Proof of ID / age may be requested at the operators’ discretion
  • Must understand basic English.
  • Must be able to swim at least 30m on your own.
  • Bookings are essential.
  • Life jackets supplied


  • Freedom, at last! Get out and get on it!
  • Okay for beginners, full training is provided.
  • No license or experience is required.
  • A fast way to get out further than you can swim and take in the sights of Rockingham cool coastline you may be lucky enough to encounter dolphins.

Jet Ski Hire

Jet Ski Hire includes:

  • Safety briefing
  • Jet Ski Hire operation instructions
  • Life jackets
  • Off-shore supervision and rescue vessel

Available in the afternoon from 13:00 pm – 16:00pm.

Gift voucher available


15 min – $60

30 min – $110

60 min – $210

Jet Ski Hire

What to bring…

  • Casual clothes
  • Bathers
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Water proof Camera with wrist strap

Jet Ski Hire

Please note:

  • No licenses or experience required
  • Weight restrictions apply – 230kg per jet ski
  • Maximum of 2 people per jet ski.
  • Minimum driver age – 16 years with adult passenger.
  • Minimum passenger age – 8 years old  
  • Proof of ID / age may be requested at the operators’ discretion